What is jectified doing? How can I provide the best service for you? What do you define as quality? These are questions that are very important to me.

jectified records stands for power and energy, and not only in relation to the music, but also to the services. The goal is to satisfy the customer, the client, or in this case the artist. The artist is suppose to be creative, spontaneous, and absolutely focused on his or her music. But the artist needs to make money with his or her music, otherwise the concentration gets disturbed.

I am here so that this does not happen. I will make sure you can stay focused on your music and I'll take care of the rest. I provide lots of services and will always set up contracts for each artist individually. So the artist gets the best treatment possible.

If you think jectified would be the right label for you, do not hesitate to contact me.


Currently on our roster are:

  • Tempting Tone
  • State of Remorse


jectified records
3012 Berne

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